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This industry-leading Spoken English course is for you if you believe you have a basic command of the English language but lack confidence when speaking in English. These are live virtual classes where our aim is to provide you with usable skills that you can put into action right away.

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What People are Saying

Here is what some of the students who have participated in the Speakito masterclass have to say about it.

" I feel like a more polished version of myself. My public speaking skills have improved significantly"
Medical professional
"Thanks to Speakito, I do not hesitate anymore. I have the confidence to appear and crack the IELTS exam to study abroad"
"My presentation skills have improved by miles and now I am able to use new words and phrases which makes me stand out in front of my peers & colleagues"
"This Course has shown me the importance and benefits of softs skills and has improved my interactions with my peers from different countries."

Speaking English Fluently Changes Everything

Do you want to improve your communication skills in English and be able to speak fluently with anyone? Speakito is just what you need.

No more embarrassing communication gaps. Speakito will give you the language skills you need to communicate confidently in English.


Insights to elevate your confidence and unlock your potential.

This course is for someone who wants to be more fluent and confident while speaking and presenting in English. Whether you are a working professional or student who wants to upskill or an Entrepreneur who wants to improve their communication with their customers these Spoken English classes will help you.

The course duration is flexible, allowing students to choose their own class at their convenience. However, a minimum course duration of 2 months is recommended for optimal results.

This course is designed to provide you with all the skills and tools to present yourself confidently while speaking in English even with native English speakers from the U.K, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. This course would help you present yourself better during interviews and leave a lasting impression as well.


Benefits of Speakito Spoken English Course

Speakito is for everyone who wants to get better at speaking English. The communication training and techniques you will learn in this course will help you present yourself better, give you earth-shattering confidence when speaking English, and make you sound like a native English speaker.

Fluent English

Learn to speak English fluently and effectively communicate your thoughts to anyone.

Public Speaking

Learn to become a champion in public speaking and speak to large audiences with ease.

Interview Ready

Have a solid command over your English helping you effectively communicate and present yourself during interviews improving your chances to get hired


Speaking English well improves your overall confidence and boosts your ability to be ready globally and talk to people from different countries.

Better Job Prospects

A new spectrum of job opportunities which you previously could not try for become accessible to you and get command higher salary.


To be a professional and ace in networking, you need to be spot on in your spoken English. Imagine the opportunities it would open because you were able to network with the right people.

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