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Are you a working professional struggling to advance further in your career due lack of communication skills and possibly not bring able to convey your points during meetings impacting your confidence or Are you a fresher who is trying to crack an interview for your dream job but has poor English communication skills coming in your way?

Speakito has the perfect solution for you with our comprehensive English speaking course online. Our platform offers expertly crafted Spoken English Classes and online English speaking classes to enhance your English speaking practice through this online spoken English course.

We provide the best English speaking app and the best English speaking course online, all tailored to the needs of working professionals. Say goodbye to hesitation with our fluent English speaking course.

Join Speakito Online Spoken English classes today and unlock your full potential in spoken English. It’s time to conquer your language barriers and elevate your career with Speakito – where your success story begins.

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Over 3000+ learners have benefited from Speakito**

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Here is what some of the students who have participated in the Speakito Online Spoken English classes have to say about it.

" I feel like a more polished version of myself. My public speaking skills have improved significantly"
Medical professional
"Thanks to Speakito, I do not hesitate anymore. I have the confidence to appear and crack the IELTS exam to study abroad"
"My presentation skills have improved by miles and now I am able to use new words and phrases which makes me stand out in front of my peers & colleagues"
"This Course has shown me the importance and benefits of softs skills and has improved my interactions with my peers from different countries."

Some of our students who have participated in Speakito Online Spoken English classes are currently working or have now built the skills and confidence to apply to work for the below brands and many more.

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The Speakito online Spoken English course is tailored for working professionals seeking to enhance their English speaking skills and overcome language barriers. Our Online Spoken English classes are designed to accommodate individuals looking to excel in their careers and personal growth, making it perfect for busy professionals aiming to become fluent English speakers.

The duration of our Speakito online English speaking course is flexible, allowing you to choose the pace that best suits your needs. We recommend a minimum of 2 months for a comprehensive learning experience, but we also offer a 3-month course option for those who want to delve deeper into their language improvement journey. Our flexibility ensures that you can balance your professional commitments while working towards fluency in English.

A working laptop or a smartphone, ability to understand basic English and a strong commitment to be willing to learn.

“Imagine you’re on a plane and the pilot comes on the intercom and says, ‘Hey folks, I just watched a bunch of YouTube videos on how to fly this plane, so buckle up and let’s hope for the best!’ You probably wouldn’t feel too confident about reaching your destination, right? Learning English from recorded videos is like that – sure, you might learn the basics, but do you really want to trust your communication skills to a pre-recorded voice? At Speakito, our British Council certified teachers with teaching and corporate experience will guide you through live classes, giving you real-time feedback and personalized attention that simply can’t be found in pre-recorded videos. So why settle for the virtual equivalent of a shaky pilot, when you can soar with Speakito?

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The Speakito course boosts your career by offering:

  1. English Speaking Practice
  2. Confidence Building
  3. Overcoming Language Barriers
  4. Expert Spoken English Classes
  5. Best English Speaking App

These benefits are tailored to working professionals aiming to excel in their careers.

English is a life skill. Invest in yourself today.

Imagine feeling confident and comfortable speaking English with native speakers and colleagues, opening up new opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Take the first step towards transforming your English fluency with Speakito. 

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to achieve your English fluency goals and take your communication skills to the next level. Join Speakito now.

Important: Please keep in mind that we are only accepting applications from candidates who can begin immediately. Please apply only if you can start within the next 10 days or less. Save your and our time to help us better serve you.